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Coronavirus Cleaning

Coronavirus infection control cleaning

If you have concerns a staff member or customer has been at risk and you require the business premises to undergo deep cleaning using British Institution of Cleaning Science (BICSc) approved infection control methods then call us on 01202 795795 now.

Pure Klass Cleaning has the training, expertise and certification to carry out Covid-19 disinfection cleaning for your premises. We are currently helping NHS Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Pharmacies, Crematoriums, University Student Accommodation and Businesses of all sizes minimise the chance of contamination.

It is a worrying time again for all businesses in 2022 and much is out of anyone's control. Pure Klass Cleaning can at least remove the need of doubt and reassure your staff that you've gone to lengths to make sure you have an exceptionally clean working environment and everything, especially touch-point surfaces, have been deep cleaned and sanitised.

At time of writing, we have carried out 100s of contamination cases, with 100s of additional preventative deep and sanitation cleans.


Picture a heat map of everywhere staff and customers touch in an office or within the premises. Below are the most common places (and most susceptible of becoming contaminated) that we immediately sanitise to a clinical level.


These include but are not limited to:

1. Door handles, doorknobs & door plates

2. Lift Buttons

3. Handrails

4. Light switches

5. Desktops & workstations

6. Keyboards / Mice/ laptops

7. Telephones

8. Printers, photocopiers & other office equipment

9. Water Coolers/ fountains

10. Coffee makers, pots & mugs

11. Kitchen sink

12. Sponges & cleaning equipment

13. Microwave door handles & buttons

14. Vending machines

15. Chairs & canteen/ kitchen furniture

16. Toilets, sinks, taps

Confirmed or suspected Coronavirus cleaning

As key workers trying to combat the spread of Covid-19, we take extreme measures to ensure the safety of our staff and will tackle any office or working environment as if it has confirmed or suspected Coronavirus before we even step in. This mentality ensures when we leave, your office is as cleaned and sanitised as much as humanly possible so you, and us, know it's as safe as it can be.

This study shows that Coronavirus (covid-19) is stable for two to three days on both stainless steel and plastic surfaces (Covid-19 Study).

  • How soon can we do an office deep clean?
    We can act fast to help slow the spread of Coronavirus. Our experience in infection control and Covid-19 sanitisation means we are best placed to help every establishment in the country. Please phone us to book in a time for our team to clean your offices as soon as you can on 01202795795. We are working to a first come first serve basis and the demand is growing.
  • How long until you can go back in the office after Covid-19 cleaning?
    The following day is preferable however 6 hours is minimum.
  • Why Pure Klass Cleaning?
    We have always invested heavily in training, technology and new equipment. This means we are able to deliver the highest standards of deep cleaning & Covid decontamination. We use the most recent cleaning machinery in the industry with the highest of diligence. Working within the public & private sector for over a decade, we have security clearance, accreditations, and most importantly, a pristine track record of deep cleaning, sanitising and decontaminating high-risk areas. Pure Klass Cleaning have a commitment to our staff and our clients that everything we do is over and above industry standards. This is no exception. We are fully versed in NHS guidelines (we work in many hospitals etc) so can bring the Government standard of cleaning to you. Our chemicals and products used are environmentally friendly and are considered 'persistent' solutions where they continue to be effective even when they have dried (unlike alternative chemicals which are only effective when wet).


After a confirmed outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to ensure a deep clean, all substrates, fixtures, fittings, furniture (including soft) and other items in the area are disinfected (to protect the operative), then cleaned and finally re-disinfected.


A deep clean will involve 8 elements:

· Using the correct PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), including following correct gowning and de-robing procedures for this equipment.

· Isolation of the area to be deep cleaned.

· Disinfection with the approved/correct disinfectant, paying special attention to touchpoints and high-risk areas as indicated by your risk assessment.

· Thorough clean of the area in line with BICSc standards.

· Clinical re disinfection of the whole area.

· Disinfection of machinery and equipment, if any are deployed.

· Correct disposal of contaminated materials and PPE.

· Shower/clean of cleaning operative(s) after completion of the task.


We follow current Public Health England advice and use a chlorine-based disinfectant in the form of a solution at a minimum strength of 1,000ppm.


If you have not had an outbreak, in order to reduce the risk of spread of the virus:

· Maintain BICSc cleaning standards

· Consider increasing the frequency of cleans, particularly of sanitary ware and heavy touchpoint areas

· Ensure colour-coding is followed without exception


More information on this is at the bottom of the page.

Risk Assessments

Our cleaning teams are led by our qualified and experienced team leaders, who have protocols and procedures to follow. This includes an assessments of the risks posed to employees and any public visiting the premises.

If contamination has happened, we need to establish prioritisations to contain any viral outbreak whilst minimising the impact on your business. We need to insure no further transmission of Covid-19 can happen so we adhere to strict practices, which include the removal and disposal of waste in accordance with NHS guidelines.


Next steps

If you require a Coronavirus office clean, then call us now on 01202 795795 or email on We need to know the size of the premises, the number of buildings and when suits you best for the clean.

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