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LGBT+ Inclusion Policy

Pure Klass Cleaning is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. We believe that a diverse workforce is a strong workforce, and we strive to ensure that all employees feel valued and respected. Working in incredibly diverse and progressive environments such as Universities and their Student Accommodation, we feel very strongly that our workforce reflects their same values and inclusive nature.

Policy Statement
We are dedicated to promoting equality and inclusivity within our workplace. This policy aims to support LGBT+ employees and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work in a discrimination-free environment.



To provide a safe and welcoming work environment for LGBT+ employees.
To ensure all employees are treated fairly and with respect.
To promote understanding and acceptance of LGBT+ issues within the workplace.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and temporary staff, as well as to interactions with clients and suppliers.


LGBT+: An inclusive term for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.


Management: Ensure the implementation of this policy and address any instances of non-compliance.
Employees: Respect the rights of LGBT+ colleagues and adhere to the policy’s principles.
HR Department: Provide support and resources for LGBT+ employees and manage any related concerns or complaints.


Training and Awareness
Conduct regular training sessions to educate employees about LGBT+ inclusion and related issues.
Celebrate LGBT+ events and encourage participation to foster a culture of inclusivity.


Recruitment and Advancement
Ensure that recruitment processes are fair and inclusive, with equal opportunities for all candidates.
Support the career advancement of LGBT+ employees through fair and transparent promotion practices.


Support and Resources
Offer access to support networks and resources for LGBT+ employees.
Provide counselling services for employees who may face challenges related to their LGBT+ identity.


Complaints and Grievances
Establish clear procedures for reporting and addressing complaints of discrimination or harassment.
Take prompt action to investigate and resolve any issues in a confidential and sensitive manner.


Monitoring and Review
Regularly review this policy to ensure it remains effective and up-to-date with best practices.
Collect feedback from employees to continually improve our approach to LGBT+ inclusion.


Pure Klass Cleaning is proud to stand as an ally to the LGBT+ community. We are committed to maintaining a workplace where everyone can be their authentic selves and have equal opportunities to succeed.



Moses Opone

Managing Director

February 2024

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