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Recruitment Policy

Pure Klass Cleaning

Recruitment & Selection Policy 2024



Pure Klass Cleaning Ltd will advertise all positions internally as well as externally where appropriate. The recruitment method will be detailed in the advert and internal applicants should inform their line manager of their intention to apply.


Candidates will be sorted and interviewing processes will be conducted fairly, objectively and without unlawful bias. Person and job specifications will be limited to those requirements necessary for the effective performance of the position concerned.



All salary and remuneration packages will be governed by an individual’s ability to do their job and their experience. We are a Real Living Wage employer.



Promotion may arise from the recognition that an individual has reached a point of being able to take on additional responsibilities or from vacancies resulting from the departure of another employee. The assessment of an individual’s potential for promotion involves consideration of many aspects of both current performance and future capabilities. Length of service on its own does not lead to promotion; the only consideration is the person’s ability to fulfil the role in question.



The requirements of candidates and employees who have a disability (as defined under the relevant legislation) will be reviewed to ensure that wherever possible reasonable adjustments are made to enable them to enter, or remain in, the Company's employment.


The interview and selection process will be undertaken in a fair and consistent manner and the candidate who meets the specification in terms of knowledge skills and attitude will be offered the position. For internal candidates the normal notice period will apply.


Personnel records

You have a personnel file which contains all the relevant information about your employment including records from appraisals, individual meetings and training and development undertaken.


You have the right to know what data is held by the Company about you and can request to be supplied with a copy of your file.  Requests for a copy should be made to a Director.


Data relating to employees is not to be revealed, verbally or in writing to anyone who does not have rights to such data.


Signed by the Managing Director


Moses Opone

24th January 2024

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